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Kylie Jenner is Queen


September 16th, 2014 - Kylie Out in Los Angeles


September 16th, 2014 - More of Kylie Leaving the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood (Part 7)

FAMOUSweekly - What a load of bullshit →



So there’s this australian magazine called FAMOUSweekly, a magazine for young women, and their new issue has Kendall on the cover. The title says “Model bosses blast Kendall: You’re too fat for runway”


First of all the picture of Kendall’s back is photoshopped! They gave her cellulite even…

Wtf this is why people have eating disorders. So disgusting. Even if someone has cellulite or was bigger WHO THE FUCK CARES. Your body is no ones business. I can’t believe this is allowed to be sold.


growing attached to people but not wanting to be that clingy friend


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